week 34, 15th september 2008.


anna mog said...

is that a fish??

jakeb said...

That is a fish anna mog, a crown tail to be specific, it costs around 4.50.


Veeee said...

fish fish fish :D
i liked them but they looked sad because they were in little little water boxes :(
this is aweesome, the bottom one makes me sad because it looks so lonely!
and the top ones so scary.. like you dont think that theres actual places like that and there is! scary scary!

jo pitman said...

the top one is pretty creepy, where was it taken...?
i like the crazy fish

David Andrew Robinson said...

it is a male betta
also know as a Siamese fighting fish
a crown tail is a type of it , haha
i like fish,
i have one of them, or at least i will,
kill me now