Week 27, 28th July 2008


Jordan said...

Those junk shops were incredible, I could have easily spent hours going round them.

alexxx said...

that place is amazing, i have spent hours in there!

nice images tho man

Ize said...

TITS! WAHAAY, THATS WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT. take more photos with tits in. ohhh yes thats what i like to see.

jakeb said...

Ize; LOL.

alex, Cheers! :)

Jenny said...

These pictures are AMAZING.

Keep up the good work!

verty said...

i love love love the top one, its amazing.
and the other scary doll one!
really amazing images jakey!
love you!

jo pitttttman said...

that first one is fantastic.
the doll is pretty scary.

amazing as always!

and happy birthday for tomorrow jake!


Anonymous said...

Hello again!

I like the first pic, the mannequins seem lost in time (a Bag-puss moment in the making when the shop keeper goes home). Nicely captured. I dont understand the ration-el behind the 2nd pic?
And 3rd pic lacks depth. I hope you dont mind my criticism's petty ones as they are!

Very nice Jake, but you have taken better!

Regards, Luciefur ^:o)

PS: Happy Birthday!

morgan said...

oh dear now i cant blame your skills on your swanky camera. that one from the mobile is my favorite.

jakeb said...

Luciefur, hi, :).

thanks for the comment, i welcome your critique. i agree with you whole heatedly about the third image, infact i am starting to regret putting it up atall, in regards to the second picture, i ont want to entierly explain why i took or why i chose to use this picture, as then it is harder for people to take there own meaning from it, but what i particulairly liked about this image was its subtlety, the turtles head poking up from the bottom, the nose of snoopy being cut off and the viual link between his nose and the nipple on the magazine. intrestingly this image wasnt in my initial choice for this weeks images it was the fourth of my 3 images, but after deliberation it ended up in here.

thanks for your comment and for the happy birthday! :D. hope to hear more from you!

and thanks for commenting anna! :)

jakeb said...

viual = visual. :P

Anonymous said...

yeah more tits....maybe your girlfriends?

Nicky Sanderson said...

These are really interesting shots.People could look at them and talk about them for hours. Looking forward to your blog every week now!