Week 14, 28th april 2008.


Jordan said...

Very nice.
Great picture of DD, I can't wait to be there. It's going to be epic.
George can bring his cooker thing and we can have tins of stuff. =D

verrrtiy said...

these make me well happy :D
im in jakeys blog agaaaain!
and lulworth was friggin amazing, so excited about camping again!
well done jakey, photos are amazing baby.


Jo said...

Three really good shots Jake. I am so impressed with the first one, and so envious and proud of your ability to see shots that totally evade me. xx

george said...

wow jake i think these may be my fave so far.. so amazing! tbh all of them are amazing tho..

When we have durdled a few times this year i hope it will be ok if i can use that durds foto for the album cover obvs putting a link to here.. coz its so nice! will be amazing to have lots of fotos of lulworth times this year!

:) said...

commenting again.. but.. im really proud of you :)