Week 7. 10th March 2008.


Jordan said...

Verity, you look so good I might just send this picture to Kane. ;)

Nice pictures Jake, i am very impressed. As always.

Alexxxxxxxxxx said...

Is the beach one an un edit?
Either way its an epic shot man.

Keep it up. x

Anonymous said...

alex, yeah man, none of these shots are edited, wen they leave the raw program they are resized on photoshop n tht pretty much it, sharpend a little to make up for detail lost in compresion etc. n thats it.

glad you like it. landscape isnt really. 'my thing' but still. cheers.

verity said...

im in here!
top one's amazing jakey, really really good, but nothing new there!

verity said...

and jordan you are SO funny.


Jonathan said...

Fantastic picture of Verity, if I were a girl I'd want you to photograph me. Also excellent modelling Verity. Well done you both!
Landscape is great if you like that sort of thing which I somehow think you don't. It would sell though and maybe that's the point.

Anonymous said...

sweet her boobs out!!! ;)
more like this, potentially a strip sequence.... ;)